This is where I'll document my journey in software development and provide occasional updates.
A progress report from the world of Xamarin
Category: Tenterhook
6/12/2018 7:39:43 AM
The goal of extending Tenterhook to Android and iOS is ambitious to say the least. But thanks to Xamarin, I'm starting to think those goals are within reach.
The next phase of Tenterhook
Category: Tenterhook
5/30/2018 5:32:41 AM
The next big phase of Tenterhook is underway. Soon the platform will reach beyond the browser and land on your phone.
Triviarch is revamped!
Category: Triviarch
8/24/2017 5:25:00 AM
Triviarch has been revamped in a big way. Now anyone with a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account can build a quiz in just a few minutes. Video proof inside!
Should you build it if nobody comes?
Category: General
9/6/2013 10:18:05 PM
Is a solo software project really worth all the time and effort if nobody bothers to use it?
Syntax Over Sanity
Category: General
11/16/2001 8:39:08 PM
A commentary written in 2001, before I began my software development career in earnest.