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November 15, 2015: Paris, je t'aime

Paris is a city very dear to my heart — a heart that is heavy following the horrific attacks of November 13.

But anyone who knows the history of Paris knows this: it will endure. The civilized world will find a way to exterminate the savages who seek to infect everything that is good. The spirit of the French will never be conquered. And one day I'll return to Paris and the culture I've grown to love.

September 13, 2015: Tenterhook momentum building

In the weeks and months ahead there will be many features to plan and many things to learn on the technical front. It'd be easy to fall prey to paralysis by analysis.

As a major step toward organization and clarity with the Tenterhook platform, I've put together a high-level roadmap and dev blog to chronicle the development process.

August 14, 2015: Returning to Microsoft

I'm proud to say that I'm returning to Microsoft as a full-time employee.

Life as a contractor certainly had its fair share of perks (such as the flexibility to take extended trips to France), but it's time to come home. Microsoft has been a big part of my life for many years — I'm excited to see what's next!

June 7, 2015: Time to explore the Pacific Northwest!

Since moving to Washington in 2006 I've kept myself busy with plenty of things, but I haven't taken the time to properly explore the majesty that's right in my own back yard.

That's all about to change!

Destination: Pacific Northwest is where I'll document my local adventures.

May 27, 2015: Shifting the focus of

Now that I've completed my adventures in Europe (for now), I'm shifting the focus toward software projects I'll be tackling in 2015 and beyond. It's very likely that most of the articles going forward will be technical in nature and they'll explore various facets of the development process.

I'm still keeping the personal blog for non-technical articles (language learning, travel notes, etc.), they'll just be tucked away in their own section.