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The French Connection (no, not that one)
The true story of a surreal and unexpected language negotiation.
Clinging to a comet: a developer's take on technology
The story of the Philae comet lander was inspiring, heartbreaking, and... strangely familiar.
The return to Paris
Notes and photos from an extended stay in Paris.
I finally appreciate the beautiful game
It finally happened. This American now understands the world's passion for football.
French films: the highlights
Short of living in France, perhaps the best way to absorb the culture is through the art of filmmaking.
French music: the highlights
Exploring the French music scene has led me to discover some diamonds in the rough.
An introvert's perspective on open plan offices
It seems the open plan office can take quite a toll on introverts.
Chained by choice: the hetero male code
Hetero males are taking their sweet time when it comes to evolving. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.
Should you build it if nobody comes?
Is a solo software project really worth all the time and effort if nobody bothers to use it?
Unit test-friendly JavaScript: a practical approach
With a good design strategy and a helpful plugin or two, unit testing JavaScript can be a realistic goal for your project.
My journey to London, Paris, and Rome
It took me 37 years to travel outside of the United States, but thanks to Go Ahead Tours I made the most of my first opportunity — a sweeping 11-day adventure across London, Paris, and Rome.
So "spiritual but not religious" is a cop-out? Hardly.
A commentary on CNN.com claims that "spiritual but not religious" is a cop-out. I couldn't disagree more.