Articles - Opinion / Commentary
Forty things I've learned since 1975
Forty things I've learned from the journey toward the big 4-0.
Clinging to a comet: a developer's take on technology
The story of the Philae comet lander was inspiring, heartbreaking, and... strangely familiar.
An introvert's perspective on open plan offices
It seems the open plan office can take quite a toll on introverts.
Chained by choice: the hetero male code
Hetero males are taking their sweet time when it comes to evolving. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.
Should you build it if nobody comes?
Is a solo software project really worth all the time and effort if nobody bothers to use it?
So "spiritual but not religious" is a cop-out? Hardly.
A commentary on claims that "spiritual but not religious" is a cop-out. I couldn't disagree more.
Syntax Over Sanity
A commentary written in 2001, before I began my software development career in earnest.