Retro Adventure Game Environment
RAGE is a set of Silverlight DLLs designed to help you build point-and-click adventure games.
Important Note!

Due to the demise of Silverlight, RAGE is no longer supported. The articles and files below are for archive/demonstration purposes only. A more robust platform (code named Tenterhook) is currently in the planning stages.

How to Get Started

RageStarter helps you learn the ropes of RAGE and serves as a template for building your own adventure. Here's what you need to get started:

  • Download and install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web (it's free).
  • Download and install Silverlight 5 SDK (also free).
  • Download and extract to a local working folder.
  • If needed, right-click RageEngine.dll and RageBuilder.dll in the project's Dependency folder, then click Properties, then click Unblock.
  • Build the solution and run RageStarter.Web.
  • See documentation below.

Developer Resources
The Basics
The RageBuilder Toolbar
Building Your Adventure
Advanced Topics