The official development blog for the Tenterhook adventure platform.
An overview of Tenterhook

The high-level summary

Tenterhook will be a robust platform for developing script-driven applications such as point-and-click adventures, educational tools, and more. The platform will very likely include:

  • The ability to create applications for browsers and/or Windows 10 clients.
  • A web-based "studio" application for building scenes, characters, scripts, and manifests.
  • Core Web APIs which enable dynamic content, real-time updates, data portability, etc.
  • A set of lightweight DLLs for developers targeting Windows 10.

It's not just for point-and-click adventures!

The platform will be robust enough to accommodate multiple types of applications. Point-and-click adventures are a personal favorite so I often use them as my go-to example, but there are other ideas rolling around in my head. One example is a language-learning system with interactive scenarios.

Timeframes and progress

It's very early in the planning stages so there's no timeframe yet. This blog will evolve in the weeks and months ahead as plans begin to materialize. I'll be eager to document the journey and share details on any progress.

A little bit of history

Tenterhook is an evolution of the Retro Adventure Game Environment, which was a set of Silverlight DLLs designed to help developers create point-and-click adventure games.

Like many other plugins, Silverlight became a casualty of technological progress and RAGE was therefore rendered obsolete. It's wise to learn from the Silverlight debacle and build APIs that are resilient while client-side technologies evolve or disappear.