darrenmart.com through the years

Published July 13, 2019


My HTML experiments started with Notepad and FrontPage and they were unimpressive to say the least. It wasn't until 1999 that I published my first site called "No Apologies", a simple collection of essays and poetry.


I wasn't content with just one site, so I launched darrenmart.com as a hub to other sites that I would create over the years:

... like the defunct xfilesreviews.com, a direct result of my obsession with The X-Files:

... and the defunct goodtobeking.net, which was my humble tribute to Tom Petty:


I was in full geek mode, so I pivoted the site to focus on software development:


There were plenty of software projects I wanted to showcase, so I re-branded the site as "Checksum Labs" for a while.


But it wasn't long before I returned to darrenmart.com with another redesign in 2013.


... and then again in 2014.


The version you see today is optimized for various displays and devices (i.e. "responsive design"), and more importantly it's a suitable home for technical and creative projects I'll be tackling over the years. Thanks for visiting!